Emboldened by my successful prediction of a new language at WWDC2014 (Swift), I decided to publicly test my clairvoyance with some predictions for WWDC2015.


  • new, free music streaming service, in which you can donate food to your favourite artists
  • ApplePay launched outside US
  • AppleTV SDK not announced (but nobody cares)

OS X 11 Belmont

  • Taptic API
  • UXKit fails to appear
  • New deduplicating file system

iOS 9

  • CoreData deprecated
  • Siri SDK
  • ApplePay tech opened up to 3rd parties for phone/watch as 2FA
  • Inter Process Communication finally comes to iOS, driven in part by watch extensions

Xcode 7

  • Refactoring implemented!
  • Code signing and provisioning profiles scrapped after Apple Watch reveals that they don’t scale
  • Threading model for swift defined (fingers crossed).
  • Swift gets channels.
  • More swift features retroactively declared to be functional.
  • Haskell community horrified by increased interest in functional programming.
  • ReactNative either sherlocked or outlawed on the AppStore
  • Playgrounds can now be submitted to the AppStore.
  • Alcatraz plugin manager NOT sherlocked
  • TestFlight enrolment becomes less painful
  • Multiple versions in Test Flight. Naah.


  • Apple reneges on native watch app SDK, however microphone (but not speaker!) made available to 3rd party apps.
  • 3rd party Complications NOT announced
  • Third party watch faces NOT announced. (Remember 3rd party keyboards? What a clusterfuck.)


  • MacID, Knock: login to your mac using apple watch proximity
  • Duet: use your iPad (but not iPhone!) as an external screen
  • ReactiveCocoa sherlocked (but only for swift)
  • CocoaPods package manager NOT sherlocked


  • A Taptic trackpad that chews through batteries.
  • New 15” MacBookPros with taptic trackpad and keyboard.
  • A haptic touch screen with which you can feel textures or read braille.